Group Tours

All of the tours arranged by Italian Dream Tours Inc. are full day tours, lasting 7-9 hours. and are 100% all-inclusive and several tours also include food and drinks (wine included) at one of the many family owned restaurants in Lettere. Also, included is any equipment you may need for your hiking or rock-climbing tour. There is no need to bring your own equipment. There are no extra fees for the tours or any of the activities described. Do not be fooled by tour operators that quote a low price only to increase the fees or have you pay directly for tickets, food and beverages while you are on the tour. 


In the past decade, the Amalfi Coast has seen a transformation into a world-class destination. Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento have all seen an explosion in tourism. And that has come with price – high prices for hotel rooms, food, tours and traffic. With that has also come the “white-washing” of those areas to make them more tourist friendly, and unfortunately, the Amalfi Coast cities have lost their “Italian” feel. 

Lettere remains untouched by these issues despite being located less 20 miles from Sorrento and less than 10 miles from the ruins in Pompeii. Lettere remains authentic to what the Amalfi Coast once was. If you want to experience what life was like in Italy 50 years ago, come to Lettere and take one of our tours. When you book one of our several tours of Lettere, not only do you get to see what we call “Authentic Italy” you will also be accompanied on the tour by Michael as well as local guides. Personalized, family-based customer service is our specialty.

Castle of Lettere

In the 10th century the Duke of Amalfi commissioned the Castle of Lettere to protect his northern borders. It was part of a network of fortifications that allowed the Amalfitans to control both sides of the Lattari mountains. In fact, the site still offers a wonderful panoramic view, which enabled the control not only of the area from the port of Castellammare to the mouth of the Sarno river and the entire Gulf of Naples, but also the Sarno Valley dominated by Mount Vesuvius, and the stretch from the Sarno mountains to the town of Pagani.

The castle was originally built in the form of a fortified village with multi-story houses, as proven by documents dating back to 1030 and 1033. The construction of the citadel, now known as the castle, was probably related to the settlement of the feudal lord that commissioned it as his place of residence inside the walls, and as a symbol of his power.

Hiking & Rock Climbing

The Lattari Mountains are crossed by multiple paths and have multiple facades for free-face rock climbing. The CAI path n. 300 (Alta Via dei Lattari) runs from the eastern edge of the Quarry Corps to the western margin, represented by Punta Campanella, passing through the most famous Path of the Gods (CAI n. 327). Various braces and variants connect this path to the inhabited centers both on the coast and on the inner slopes. One of these branches ends within 500 meters of the Castle of Lettere. Through this path, an ambitious hiker can reach as far as Salerno. 

Wherever you look, you will be amazed by olive trees, chestnut trees, alders, hornbeam, ash, many pergolas and fruit trees. Spring waters and mini waterfalls supply the water to Gragnano that make Gragnano Pasta famous around the world.

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Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) Roman Villas of Stabiae Tour with Lunch!

from €135.00

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) & Italian Cooking Class Tour with Lunch!

from €160.00

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) and Hiking Tour with Lunch!

from €135.00

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) and Rock Climbing Tour with Lunch!

from €175.00

Private Tour of Sorrento's Finest Delicacies! Learn How They're Made w/ Lunch

from €157.50

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) Roman Villas of Stabiae Tour

from €36.00