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About Italian Dream Tours, Inc.

Italian Dream Tours Inc. is a US based tour facilitator. We focus our tours exclusively on a small mountainous village, on the Sorrento Peninsula, called Lettere. Located close to the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, it is perched high on Mount Lattari with sweeping vistas and incredible panoramic views. Lettere has a long and rich history and has been continuously inhabited since the time before the birth of Christ. Founded by Roman General Lucius Cornelius Sulla as a military outpost in 89 B.C. during the Social War, it was quickly inhabited by wealthy Romans who built villas in Lettere as summer homes to escape the oppressive heat of Roma and enjoy the cool breezes of the Mediterranean. 

It was also the ancestral home for 800 years of the family of the owner of Italian Dream Tours Inc., Michael Fattorosi. In 2005 while on vacation in Positano and simply by chance, Michael traveled to Lettere to search for the origins of his family. On that very first trip, he learned for the first time that his ancestors were a noble family in Lettere. Given a book chronicling his family’s history by a local parish priest, Michael began a 14-year odyssey of discovery which culminated in establishing Italian Dream Tours Inc. in 2018.

In the past decade, the Amalfi Coast has seen a transformation into a world-class destination. Amalfi, Ravello, Positano and Sorrento have all seen an explosion in tourism. And that has come with price – high prices for hotel rooms, food, tours and traffic. With that has also come the “white-washing” of those areas to make them more tourist friendly, and unfortunately, the Amalfi Coast cities have lost their “Italian” feel. 

Lettere remains untouched by these issues despite being located less 20 miles from Sorrento and less than 10 miles from the ruins in Pompeii. Lettere remains authentic to what the Amalfi Coast once was. If you want to experience what life was like in Italy 50 years ago, come to Lettere and take one of our tours. When you book one of our several tours of Lettere, not only do you get to see what we call “Authentic Italy” you will also be accompanied on the tour by Michael as well as local guides. Personalized, family-based customer service is our specialty.

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) Roman Villas of Stabiae Tour with Lunch!

from €135.00

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) & Italian Cooking Class Tour with Lunch!

from €160.00

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) and Hiking Tour with Lunch!

from €135.00

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) and Rock Climbing Tour with Lunch!

from €175.00

Private Tour of Sorrento's Finest Delicacies! Learn How They're Made w/ Lunch

from €157.50

Castello di Lettere (Castle of Lettere) Roman Villas of Stabiae Tour

from €36.00